Mad City Cluckers

Fresh Local Eggs!!

Welcome to our hen house!
We offer weekly Egg CSA to the eastside Madison community.

Our flock in Cottage Grove is pleased to lay you a selection of brown and occasional green eggs, delivered weekly or biweekly to your doorstop or drop-off location on the east side of Madison.

Our birds are raised free ranged, on locally produced feed, with lots of space to peck and scratch, the way chickens were meant to live.

Delivered to/near your doorstep, $5.00 / doz.

Minimum order is two dozen eggs.
Frequency of delivery can be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

1doz/week/month: $20 / month
2doz/week/month: $40 / month
3doz/week/month: $60 / month

“On demand” extra dozens usually available.

Voice, text, email & PayPal - we’re modern clucks here. Follow us on Google+ even!

Submit an order here. See how we got started in our About Us page and read Star Clucker's story.

CALL 608.215.3527
Enjoy fresh local eggs today!!